EPIC Steak house in San Francisco

EPIC Steak house in San Francisco

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Located on the edge of the Embarcadero Bay in San Francisco, the EPIC Steak House, which is an existence that cannot be ignored, is a unique addition to San Francisco’s culinary landscape. You can choose indoor table or a table on the balcony. We came to San Francisco in November, which it’s getting more colder choosing indoor table is better, but we want to take some clearly photos with Bay Bridge, sitting at a table on the balcony instead.

位於舊金山 Embarcadero 海灣邊的EPIC Steak House,是你去舊金山時不能錯過的餐廳。 你可以選擇坐在室內或室外的座位。 我們是11月份去舊金山玩的,天氣是越來越冷的,所以怕冷的話,選擇室內座位比較好的,但是我們想拍一些清晰和Bay Bridge合照的照片,所以最後坐在室外的座位上。

If you chose to seat indoor, you still have the beautiful scenery of the Bay Bridge and the inner bay of San Francisco closely through the ceiling windows, which you can enjoy it just like when you sitting in outdoor, and won’t feel cold.


There is comfort, safety, ease of dining environment


We’re book the reservation at 5 pm which it’s best time of it, for we can have the view of sundown and night view.



For me, the price is within a reasonable scope.

By the way, the waiter gave me the wrong menu, as you can see, that is for brunch, which I forgotten to took a photo of the night menu.


Dish - New York Steak

In regards to the steak was done to perfection and was delicious. They offer a choice of steak sauces but I enjoy steak only with salt. The steak was flavorful and delicious as is. I personally think the quality is better than the other steakhouses I’ve been to, especially for the epic view in San Francisco and great food. However, I have heard that the seafood is fantastic too, which I definitely will return to try it.

牛排做得很完美,也非常很美味。 他們提供多種牛排醬汁,但我只喜歡加鹽的牛排。 牛排味道鮮美可口! 我個人認為質量比我去過的其他牛排館要好,尤其是舊金山壯麗的景色和美味的食物。然而,我聽說他們的海鮮也很棒,下次我一定會回來嘗試的。


Steak ★★★★☆
View ★★★★★
Customer service ★★★★☆
Price ★★★☆☆

牛排 ★★★★☆
觀景 ★★★★★
服務 ★★★★☆
價格 ★★★☆☆


*Telephone :  +1 (415) 369-9955

*Address : 369 The Embarcadero San Francisco, CA 94105 

*Hours : Brunch  Fri – Sun 11:30 – 14:30

                Dinner  Mon – Thu   16:00 – 21:00

                Dinner Sat 14:30 – 21:30.

                Dinner Sun 14:30 – 21:00

*Website : https://www.epicsteak.com




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