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This bistro is a gourmet store that I discovered by accident. Actually my friend and I decided to have Vietnamese Pho as our lunch, but that day was Black Friday which most of bistro were closed. Initially we used Google Map as a tool to search for café or bistro, and see do they opening. However in Google Map some may reminded ”Thanksgiving my affecting opening” and some may showed opening, are closed when we arrived no matter what kind of they showing on the Google Map. In the end, my friend and I decided to walk around to see which café or bistro were open, and prepared for the worst was choosing McDonald’s.

My friend and I were walking through the Paseo and noticed that Scott’s Seafood had a bistro, called Scott’s Chowder House, we walked in without thinking since saw that it had opened. I’m always down for a lobster roll and it’s been awhile since I had one, so it was great to have one day.

這家店是我意外發現的美食店,原先我和朋友是決定去吃越式料理,但當天是感恩節,所以大多數的餐廳都沒有開。一開始我們都是用 Google Map 來搜尋餐廳,並且看他是否有開門,但因為感恩節的關係,有些會寫:Thanksgiving may affecting opening ; 而有些就算寫 Opening ,但到達時,卻會發現沒開店。最後我和朋友就決定邊走邊看哪些 cafe 或餐廳有開就進去吧!也計劃好了,最壞的打算就是去吃麥當勞吧!

經過這家Scott’s chowder house,看到他有開門,我們就不假思索直接走進去了!畢竟我們已經走了一個小時在找餐廳。進去之後發現,是我最近超想吃的龍蝦料理!真的很開心!


Currently both indoor and outdoor seating is available. 



The layout of the restaurant has a ocean style.



I did find the menu to still be on the pricey side, but I guess it’s the standard these days with inflation. Although it’s pretty pricey, I would say it’s worth trying at least once!


Dish - Connecticut lobster roll

The Connecticut lobster roll was what I got. It’s warm and butter based. Very authentic. Lobster was fresh and tasted amazing and it did not make you sick of it. The bread roll had an amazing golden brown color, which was toasty and had a crisp. I enjoyed it.

我點的是康涅狄格龍蝦卷。 它是溫暖的,以黃油為主。 很地道。 龍蝦很新鮮,味道很棒,不會讓你厭倦。 麵包卷呈現出驚人的金棕色,烤起來酥脆。 我很喜歡它。

I also got a lobster bisque. I would say I enjoyed the bisque, there was just so much flavor and thickness. If the lobster bisque has chock-full of crab bits, potatoes, etc, then it would be perfect.

我還有一份龍蝦濃湯。 我會說我喜歡濃湯,味道和厚度都很棒。 如果龍蝦濃湯裡塞滿了蟹肉、土豆等,那就會更完美了。


Customer service was also really good – the person taking our order was helpful in explaining the menu and recommending items, which she recommend me a set that I can get Connecticut lobster roll and lobster bisque at the same time.

客戶服務也非常好 – 接受我們訂單的人在解釋菜單和推薦項目方面很有幫助,她向我推薦了一套我可以同時獲得康涅狄格龍蝦捲和龍蝦濃湯的套餐。


Space ★★★☆☆
Food ★★★★★
Customer service ★★★★☆
Price ★★★☆☆

空間 ★★★☆☆
餐點 ★★★★★
服務 ★★★★☆
價格 ★★★☆☆


*Telephone :  +1 415 391 0207

*Address : 334 Grant Ave, San Francisco, CA 94108, United States

*Hours : Wednesday – Saturday 11:30 – 18:30

                Sunday 11:30 – 16:00

                Monday、Tuesday Closed

*Website :




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